We live in a very fast-paced Society, where we’re always on the run. There is always something going on, somewhere we need to be. When you are constantly on the Run fast-food’s sometimes your only option. So as a vegan this can be presumably very difficult. Most people assume that you won’t find vegan-friendly fast food options. I mean who would think that you can find something without animal products at McDonald’s or Taco Bell or Burger King I mean if you think about it, it’s kind of laughable, right?. WRONG.

That is why this will be a constantly evolving database of fast food restaurants and chains that have vegan options and just what those vegan options are. I have had the blessing of being a part of many amazing vegan groups on Facebook and other social media, thus allowing me to curate an amazing starter list of vegan-friendly fast food restaurants and what you can get there.


vegan friendly fast food

Mexican restaurants will be the easiest to order vegan through

Vegan-Friendly Fast Food – INTERNATIONAL


Fuel Bar – downtown Ottawa

Globally Local – Globally local has a grocery store, and due to a very talked about and infamous vegan “Big Mac” they now also have a fast food restaurant as well. You can find them in London Ontario.


-Lord of the Fries



McGinnis – has a separate menu for vegans

Moodley Manor – Batter Burgers

United Kingdom

zizzi’s – pizza and pasta

Vegan-Friendly Fast Food List (This list encompasses the majority of North America)


Moe’s Southwest

– tacos/burritos
– burrito bowl

Dunkin Donuts

– hashbrowns
– blueberry bagel
– they have almond milk
– Grand DD burritos hold the egg


– salad
– Dressing: vinaigrette, French dressing

Veggie Grill

– completely vegan

Native foods

– completely vegan


– veggie sandwich

Mellow Mushroom

– regular crust and Daiya cheese

Pi 5

– vegan and gluten-free options

Jimmy John’s

– veggie unwich minus cheese and sauce


– vegan cheese gluten free dough

White Castle

– veggie slider
– sweet Thai sauce


– nachos
– “Big Mac”

Carl’s jr.

– fries
– hash brown nuggets
– side salad (no croutons or cheese)
– Dressings: balsamic dressing

Big Smoke Burger

– veggie burger in a lettuce wrap (there are no vegan buns)

You Need A Pita

– poutine
– pitas

North America

Five Guys

– fries
– soda

Taco Bell

Taco Bell has recently come out with a vegan guide on their website as well as advertise themselves very vegan-friendly. you can switch anything out and have it served with beans and chips which are potatoes you can also ask for things Fresco style which will replace all Berry with pico De Gayo.

– veg power bowl Fresco style add potatoes
– 7 layer burrito no cheese no sour cream
– black bean burritos no Dairy add onions

Burger King

– hash browns
– French toast sticks
– fries
– Garden salad
– apple pie


At Chipotle you can get any of their products with sofritas instead of their needs options and that’s basically just gently fried tofu.


– baked potato plain
– apple slices
– Garden salad (ask for no cheese)
– Dressings: pomegranate vinaigrette, spicy Asian chili vinaigrette
– chips and salsa


– side salad
– apples or oranges
– veganize their wraps by removing all Dairy and meat products
– fries everywhere but U.S.
– crispy onions


– veggie Delight


– salad
-Dressings: vinaigrette, French
– french fries and sweet potato fries


Pita Pit

– Falafel pita
– hummus pita
– baba ganoush pita


– veggie burger
– gravy
– onion rings
– dressings: raspberry vinaigrette and balsamic

Papa John’s

– the pizza crust is vegan
– garlic sauce


vegan friendly fast food

Del Taco

– 8 layer veggie burrito (remove cheese and sour cream)


– vegan chili
– Teriyaki Bowl
– Buddha bowl

Mucho Burrito

Mucho Burrito is actually very similar to Taco Bell and is pretty interchangeable from what I’ve seen.


– build your own burger with a veggie patty
– fries


Qdoba has the same style as Taco Bell and Mucho Burrito and can generally be ordered in the same fashion. I have heard that they also will make your food right in front of you which makes it a lot easier on questioning vegans. This allows the consumer to make sure that nothing gets into your meal that shouldn’t.

Burrito Boyz

– bean burrito (ask for no cheese or sour cream)

Tim Hortons

– Garden side salad raspberry vinaigrette potato wedges Garden / harvest vegetable soup and rolls


– thin crust is vegan

Union Burger

– veggie burger

Hero Burger

– Soul burger
– fries


Licks Burger

– Nature burger
– fries
– onion rings



– green beans
– seasoned wedges
– Corn house
– side salad
– apple turnovers

I want to always be updating this list. For all of the new vegans coming in, and all of the vegan road trips, business trips etc. we all take! Let me know in the comments, what fast food restaurants you frequent, and what you get there!

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    • It’s great to know if you ever have vegan friends or acquaintances 😀 Always nice to know you can eat almost anywhere on pretty much any diet or lifestyle! 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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