So my husband and I just got back from our yearly road trip this past weekend. It got me to thinking about all the ways we save money every year and all the ways we COULD have saved money. You know I share (or at least try to share EVERYTHING with you). So here are my tips for before and during your vacation getaway. Although I know the summer is nearly over, I also know there are many who take this “off-season” to do their vacationing. Yet another way to save if you have the option. So here are 11 money-saving vacation tips for you!

11 Money Saving Vacation Tips

11 Money Saving Vacation Tips

Pre Planning Your Vacation

Plan your trip ahead of time. There are many airlines, hotels and rental companies that reward pre-planned trips. There are also many that have the option for you to be compensated if prices go down. Either way, this is a financial win-win. Let’s face it, vacations can be VERY expensive. So take advantage as much as possible!

Research the location and surrounding areas you are heading to. A great way to do this is checking out blogs and youtube channels from people who have already traveled there. Don’t leave out questioning any friends and family that may have gone to the same location. The more personal opinions and knowledge you get, the better.

It’s nice to pre-plan some activities, but leave some wiggle room open. You never know if someone will recommend an activity that you haven’t seen yet. Then make sure to schedule your activities on your smartphone with reminders and addresses so that you can make it them on time!

If you are driving a long distance, using your own car. Make sure you have had a maintenance check done, and are up to date on your oil change, tires etc. We don’t want a blowout or engine problems while on the road.

Last but never thought of till it is too late. make a list over the week before your trip as you think of things you will need, then the day before make sure to pack everything for your trip. This way you forget nothing (that’s the goal anyways) and have time to spare when you are ready to leave the next day.

While on The Road

If you are in North America Downloading the GasBuddy app is beneficial. I’m sure you will need to gas up at some point during your trip, so why not find the best price possible. Not only that but if you enter gas prices, you get points that you can put towards entries to win pre paid gas cards for later.

Make sure to pack plenty of healthy snacks and drinks for your trip. This way you won’t be tempted to purchase overpriced drinks and fast food at pit stops along the way! This is such a HUGE money and time saver. If you don’t have to stop for gas or the washrooms. Don’t even enter the stops. They tend to pull you in and make you forget how expensive they are.

While Enjoying Your Vacation

Depending on where you have chosen to reside for your vacation, you will usually have access to some type of kitchen amenities. Mostly a fridge which can come in handy and save you tons of money on eating out and snacks. So check out the local grocery stores and stock up on some drinks and essentials there. Make restaurants a luxury that you use every other day or so. Doing this can save you more than FIFTY DOLLARS a day. A lot of grocery stores also have prepared meals available as well. So if you don’t want to do hotel cooking (getting creative. Check out some YouTube videos…you would be surprised how you can cook in a hotel room!)

Keep your smart phone CHARGED…better yet. Have a power bank with you and charged in case your phone dies while you’re out. Your phone should also have plenty of data available on it. You are going to want this for your schedule, GPS, translation if needed, and so much more!

If you are in a densely populated area, chances are it will be very easy (if possible) for you to walk and use your time to also get plenty of fresh air and exercise. It also allows you to see areas you wouldn’t if you were in the car.

My last and most IMPORTANT tip

Know what you will need cash for every day, and remove it from your personal bank every night for the next day. This will allow you to be prepared for the next day AND save money by not getting the “Convenience” fee.

Some products I HIGHLY recommend for your next trip: