Pinocchio was one of the very first Disney movies I remember seeing as a kid. It’s super meaningful and impactful. Chalked full of moral messages in a way young children understand and parents can appreciate.It’s one of those movies that kind of sticks with you.  So because this year I have themed my Happy Planner completely in Disney. I wanted to share another free printable I created for my Happy planner, with you. My Disney’s Pinocchio Happy Planner printable is so incredibly cute. If you love Disney, you will most definitely want to try this weekly theme out. 


Disney's Pinocchio Happy Planner Printable | Making My Home Happy

Disney’s Pinocchio is most definitely one of the pinnacle films of my childhood. Which is why I was shocked when I found out no one else had any printables for the movie. That HAD to be fixed in my opinion, so that’s exactly what I did. Not only did I use it in my Plan With Me video, but I of course also wanted to share it with you as well. So without further ado, I would like to prove ” I got no strings” and show you my printable.


Disney's Pinocchio happy Planner Printable

Click here and here to download these Printables for your own happy planner!


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