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2 Quick & Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

You’re probably just like me. You haven’t had the time, money or energy to go out and get a Halloween costume yet, have you? That’s why you’re here after all, right? I mean between work, events, family, and friends? We just don’t find the time? That’s why I want to show you my absolute favorites. Here are 2 quick & simple DIY Halloween Costumes. that you should be able to rummage through and find at home.

I have HUGE issues with scheduling my time, and remembering whats coming up and what I’m even doing half the time. If I’m not writing or filming, I get a little lost in time. It could potentially have something to do with those Winchester boys and watching Netflix. It’s only been recent that I have started scheduling my time better and therefore allowing for the thought of decorating and dressing up for Halloween. Which by the way! We actually have some Halloween decor up this year! I’m so excited about that. So since money and time are tight in regards to a costume. I raided all of our closets to see what I could put together, and I thought I would show you, so you could get a couple really easy ideas as well.

One of the best things about having my husband is that he has shown his geek card for longer than I have known him. This allows for me to get a little more creative so to speak. Sometimes. So my first tip is definitely, raid your husband/partners closet (that’s what I did), borrow from friends if possible as well. Anything that will make it easier to put together a costume, without the stress. Just get creative with what you can beg, and borrow.

A classic robber costume is so quick and easy to put together. All I did was pull out a striped shirt that I had. Then some black pants, black hat (enough to cover your hair), and black gloves. Super simple and quick. BONUS: If you have a cotton bag that you can carry as the “money sack” even better. One thing I will say is this can be a very warm costume. If it tends to be colder where you live. This might be a great alternative to having to deal with a jacket potentially.

This was my absolute FAVOURITE. Out of everything I came up with, and all the fails that didn’t really work. Clark Kent transforming into Superman on his/her way to save someone in distress is so crazy easy. Especially if you have a hubby. Most tend to have a Superman graphics tee and most also have a white dress shirt and blue tie. This makes things pretty easy. All I had to pair mine with were jeans. But if you have them go for black dress pants. That will look best!

The best part about this costume though! is it only truly works with glasses. After all, that was Clark Kents “disguise” from being noticed right! So if you don’t have glasses, I would see about using a pair from a friend family member or spouse/partner. There are so few costumes that you NEED a pair of glasses for. So this is a welcome idea in my opinion.

How simple are these costumes? Right! Very little effort needed for either, and they are great in the last minute pinch you might get into. I hope you have a great Halloween.

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