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Simple & Quick Budget Friendly Halloween Home Decor


I love Halloween. It’s that one time of year that you can be anyone or anything that you want. and it doesn’t end there. The second best thing about Halloween is, of course, decorating just like any other holiday. I have been searching high and low for some new home decor for Halloween, and I wanted to share some of it with you.

This is Simple & Quick Budget Friendly Halloween Home Decor that’s  easy to put up and quick to take down.  Because, as much fun, as it is to put up, I know a lot of us (like me) dread having to take it all down! That’s why it’s so much better when it’s the simple things that change out the look of a room. When you redecorate you don’t have to go all out and replace absolutely everything to make a difference. This is where something as simple as decorative pillows come into play.


Halloween Home Decor - Pillows - RoseGal - Making My Home Happy

These pillows are great. throw them on the chairs, couch, bed, anywhere. They will quite literally pick up the room and put you in a very festive spooky spirit. The best part!? They are quite literally only a few dollars, so you can pick up a few without breaking the bank! WIN-WIN

Halloween Home Decor - Wall Vinyl - RoseGal - Making My Home Happy

Another great addition to the home decor roster is wall art. You even have a couple of options too. You can go with vinyl wall art or fun hanging wall art. Vinyl gives you more options. Everything from simple black texts with basic cutouts to complete holes in floors and new windows with frightening views.

Halloween Home Decor - Hanging Wall Art - RoseGal - Making My Home Happy

While vinyl wall art IS my favorite because of the diversity in available imagery, and it’s ease of application. If something like that isn’t your cup of tea, then these hanging plaques are definitely a fantastic alternative option. Another simple a quick decor transformation for the home.

Simple & Quick Budget Friendly Halloween Home Decor

Not every Halloween decor lineup needs to have cauldrons, body parts and blood and gore blatantly displayed. As much as I love it, I don’t want it in my home. Don’t you agree?

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I feel like I could definitely put something together in time for Halloween using these tips. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I love decorating, but it can get SOO expensive, ya know? I’m glad you liked it.

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