diy bow pillow

DIY Bow Pillow

Okay, so I haven’t done a DIY in FOREVER. Just never seem to have the time. I think the last time I did a DIY, was when I first started this blog, and that post is LONG LONG gone! I have been absolutely OBSESSED with throw pillows lately, and there have been some super cute bow pillows circulating the home decor looks as of late! So I wanted to show you how I made these DIY bow pillows. 


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These DIY bow pillows are super cute and quick to make. So I thought it would be so much fun being summer and all to do a summer inspired pillow. We all love decorative pillows and what’s cuter and simpler than a DIY bow pillow?  These are so super adorable, and really quick to make. So make a bunch if you want! On your couch, decorating your bed, you can even put them out on your lounge chairs while you’re out if you’d like. They are super simple and quick to put together. You can choose to sew them or you can use quick “sew” methods like Stitch tape or even E6000. I can’t even count how many times I have seen DIY tutorials where they have used a hot glue or E6000 to sew when they chose to or couldn’t sew. SEW let’s get started! (Yeah…I love puns )

Bow Pillow DIY


First, you will need the following items:



Thread/stitch tape/E6000



Pretty Simple right!? Feel free to get creative. Think outside the box when it comes to your materials and where you want to display your pillows. You could even use a beautiful comforter for pillows too! So keep an open mind.

The first thing you want to do is take THREE pieces of printer paper (81/2 x 11”) and tape them together. This will be the pattern for the body of the bow! Then take one last piece of printer paper (81/2 x 11”) and split it in half widthwise and tape the shorter ends together to create the middle.

Diy bow pillow

Now just take your chosen fabric, and fold it in half. Place the pattern pieces on top, and cut leaving a good inch or two of extra fabric.

diy bow pillow
Once that’s done, sew (or glue, fabric tape whatever) All sides together leaving an opening to flip and stuff. You want to do this with both pieces. Stuff the center strip lightly though or it won’t look right! Now that that’s done, take both ends of each and sew them together ( I found the best way to do this is to butt them together and do a zigzag down the middle catching both sides! I recommend running this row twice)

diy bow pillow

Just fit the small ring over the large one, hiding the seams on the main body of the pillow, and you are all done! This is such a fun and simple DIY. Make tonnes to throw everywhere.

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