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February 2018 Free Monthly Planner Stickers

A new release is ready for your February 2018 Free Monthly Planner Stickers. January is practically over, and we are now getting ready for the month of LOVE. February is such a great month, isn’t it?. I mean honestly think about it. It has the Superbowl (OK. I will be honest…I only really care about the food on this one!), and of course, there is the ever beloved Valentines Day. 

So I was sitting in my home office thinking about how lucky I am to be able to write for a living, and I wanted to show you how much you meant to me. I also wanted to have a little bit of fun and give you, my awesome planner babes and Happy Planner Addicts a little gift for the occasion. This beautiful, rustic, and romantic Valentine’s Day themed monthly view sticker set. It’s simple but makes for a Perfect monthly view of the classic Happy Planner. If you want to check it out, Click on this link to go straight to my printable.

I wanted to give you something I thought you would love and want to use over and over again, which is why I came up with this Valentines Day themed monthly set. I wanted something simple, but elegant because I know how much you love this style.  

There is something about the muted dusty tones of pink and red mixed with the wood elements that makes me picture a romantic cabin weekend with my husband, tucked in the woods somewhere. No reception, just time for us. That’s the kind of feeling I get from this printable, and I love it. 

I have left the monthly view pretty lowkey so that you have the opportunity to add your flair to it as well. If you want to add other boxes, checklists, etc. by all means. I designed it for versatility, but you can keep it simple like mine as well.

February 2018 Free Monthly Planner Stickers

If you are interested in any of my other printables feel free to click through here. If you want the sticker paper I use. Check it out here!

Happy Planner Printable – Disney’s Fantasia

I decided since I couldn’t find some of my older Disney favorites, that I was going to make my own. This Happy Planner printable is a little bit more inclusive, it has 3 different pages for a reason!…I like choice. That’s something I don’t see a whole lot of anymore, so I wanted to give you the choice of what you print.

Happy Planner Printable

Fantasia is such a classic Disney movie. I can’t even begin to explain. It’s honestly been that long! With Mickey being such a prominent part of my childhood, I felt I needed to add it to my Happy Panner “Year of Disney” Plan With Me’s. So with plenty of opportunities, I couldn’t find a printable anywhere. So I made it myself! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Here I am giving you double boxes, a weekend banner as well as some custom washi of course! The double boxes are a great way to block off the weekend or to add some beautiful scenery to your planner! I always use the middle row of my Happy Planner to showcase beautiful full boxes showing scenes from the movie that I love.

happy planner printable



















Then on the next page, you have the option of SEVERAL checklist boxes. Some have scenes from the movie, others are just complimentary colors. I like to take these and mix and match, depending on what I’m feeling that day!

Of course, we also need those single full boxes right! I also included something that has long been my own personal touch, and that is a full box of the movie cover. This is something that I use to cover the calendar at the top left. 

Click HERE to get one or all of my printables!

BUT….Please remember. These are for personal use only. If you are going to share them, please share this post rather than the link.

Disney’s Pinocchio Happy Planner Printable

Pinocchio was one of the very first Disney movies I remember seeing as a kid. It’s super meaningful and impactful. Chalked full of moral messages in a way young children understand and parents can appreciate.It’s one of those movies that kind of sticks with you.  So because this year I have themed my Happy Planner completely in Disney. I wanted to share another free printable I created for my Happy planner, with you. My Disney’s Pinocchio Happy Planner printable is so incredibly cute. If you love Disney, you will most definitely want to try this weekly theme out. 


Disney's Pinocchio Happy Planner Printable | Making My Home Happy

Disney’s Pinocchio is most definitely one of the pinnacle films of my childhood. Which is why I was shocked when I found out no one else had any printables for the movie. That HAD to be fixed in my opinion, so that’s exactly what I did. Not only did I use it in my Plan With Me video, but I of course also wanted to share it with you as well. So without further ado, I would like to prove ” I got no strings” and show you my printable.


Disney's Pinocchio happy Planner Printable

Click here and here to download these Printables for your own happy planner!


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Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Happy Planner Printable Sticker Set

If you subscribe to my channel on YouTube Then you would know I absolutely love my happy planner and I love making it pretty and visually appealing. There is honestly nothing better than to open my planner up in the morning and see a beautiful layout. It makes me feel energized and more motivated to get to work and smash all of my to-do’s off my list! There is absolutely nothing boring about my planner, trust me. So starting at the beginning of this year I decided that this year I was going to have a theme, now what theme you may ask!?… Well, this year is entirely Disney themed. I cannot tell you how excited I am about having a full year of Disney.

Sleeping Beauty Happy Planner Printable

so without further Ado, I want to introduce my very first printable to you. I designed it for myself as well as to share with you. This is designed for the happy planner I currently have. I’m so excited and elated with how beautiful my Sleeping Beauty planner kit turned out. I hope you enjoy it too.

Sleeping Beauty Happy Planner Printable

You can find both of these PDFs here & here, and just for clarification purposes, these are intended for the classic happy planner. I made them for the 2017 version. Meaning that the full boxes will go over any of the original headings that you might have. So if you have headings for each box such as today, to do etc. this will cover them. Feel free to shorten them if you wish.


I would also like to invite you to check out my plan with me Sunday video where I  have used this kit. If you download and print, I would love it if you tagged me (MakingMyHomeHappy_blog) On Instagram, or use the hashtag #MakingMyHomeHappy. I can’t wait to see how you use this printable in your planner!