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I love fashion, and as a plus size gal, I want to share with you how I get what I want on a budget!

3 Mending Techniques – Saving Money On Clothes

It is without question, a guarantee. Every time I get new clothes I absolutely love. I will somehow find a hole in it, within a few wears. No questions asked. I don’t know how or why it just ALWAYS happens. If it’s not sooner it will be later. Plus as a plus size woman, my thighs rub together enough to create pilling, pulls and separations in the fabric on the inner thighs. So what do you do, when good clothes, costing good money are going to the wasteland? Instead of automatically replacing them. Here are 3 mending techniques to quickly and easily repair your clothes.

3 Mending Techniques

3 Mending Techniques – Saving Money On Clothes

Small(ish) Holes

Whether it be pants or shirts, a small hole can be a bit of a disappointment. You know it’s their no matter how small it is, and you know it’s just going to get bigger over time. So here’s what you do.

3 Mending Techniques

Materials: Scissors, needle & thread of same colour, hot iron



  1. Take a small length of thread and put it through your needle.
  2. Flip the garment inside out, and start weaving the needle through the edges of the hole back and forth across the hole as close together as possible without overlapping. Then loop and tie it off so it won’t unravel.
  3. Now take the clothing item and iron the area until the hole and knotted threads lay flat to the shirt.

If these three steps are done correctly, you will be able to turn the clothing right sides out and not be able to see the threads very well at all. Especially if you are able to get the right colour of thread. It will just blend in!


Seams ripping/falling apart – resew, shorten fabric, or add fabric depending on placement


Tell me if you are on the same page as me here. You wear something so much that simple acts like walking rub the fabric together so much, that it pills, pulls and eventually tears on you. I swear this is the untold story of my life.


Shredding Seams


If you have excess fabric (ie. looser and potentially baggy items), you can simply take in the seams by sewing a line down the fabric slightly in from where the ripping is occurring. This will then allow for a breaker wall so to speak, to go up and interfere with the fabrics desire to shred even more than it already has.


Shredded hem


Sometimes we just love those extra long pants a bit too much don’t we!? I love when I have pants long enough to go over my feet. I know it’s weird, but that’s just one of my lovable quirks. So what happens when your hem becomes tattered and shredded? You create a slightly higher hem.


Materials: Scissors, needle and thread/sewing machine




  1. Cut the offending ragged hem off of your pants.
  2. Fold up the new rough edge, and then fold up again.
  3. Sew the new hem. Use a zigzag stitch on the edge of the fold if you use a machine, this will help the stitch hold through everyday wear and tear. It allows the fabric to stretch naturally when tugged on. If you are sewing by hand I highly recommend a blanket stitch.


The whole point of repairing clothes is to prolong their life expectancy. So you must learn how to mend and recycle clothes, otherwise you rack up way too much money on clothes (even WITH my tips and tricks for saving the most money) It also goes without saying that repairs should be assessed on a case by case basis. When done right, they will only be seen by someone who is specifically looking for them. The more out of eyesight the offending tragedy is the more likely you are to get away with mending it.


I think I have covered all the common mending needs, but please add on if you can. I love prolonging the life of my clothes, as I’m sure you do too. Saving money on clothing purchase is not just about how you buy them, but it is also how well you treat them once they are yours.

Save Money Shopping Online

Let me just start off by saying, I love fashion. I love clothes. My favorite thing in the world (after sleep of course) is shopping. I love seeing the new trends come into the stores, trying them on, choosing my favorite patterns and seasonal colors to obsess over. This is my love, this is my life.What happens when you can’t afford it all though? What happens when you can’t afford much if any of it? You have to get crafty. Not in the sense of MAKING, but in how you purchase. Check out all my favorite ways to Save Money Shopping Online.

Shopping For A Bargain (Without Clearance)

I love a good bargain, and a deal is always a dilemma to me. I find something I love and then I look at the price tag. Then I have to decide whether the item is worth the price.  I’m one of those women who refuses to buy jeans for more than $25. Yeah, I’m that woman. Here’s the thing though. I don’t always have to spend tons of money on my clothes. I could go into the usual buy second hand, which if you know me well enough. You know I already do that. Honestly, though, I am getting a little depressed by what I see in my thrift stores, that I have started searching elsewhere for my fashions.

Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE going to the store and trying new clothes on, but why buy in a store, when you can get the same deal online…or an even better one.

How To Get The Best Price Possible

The first thing I try to do is go shopping IN the stores. I like to try on their clothes, so I can get a feel for the fabrics. Some fabrics just don’t lay well with me, and I need to always keep that in mind. I also notate sizes and what sizes they go up to, as well as whether they will fit my plus size frame.

Now I pretty well know the heartache of how difficult it is to clothe a plus size figure (obviously), so I know the idea of not purchasing right away can sound daunting. But hold on and don’t get discouraged. If I had been patient many years ago, I would have had a much easier time shopping. While you’re there, also feel free to take out your phone and take pictures of the clothes you like. This will help you to remember everything later.

My husband started doing that to me when we first got our cell phones several years ago. I hated it then, but it does make sense. I like to be able to look back and decide whether I truly love an item, or whether it’s just not worth my time after all. That’s the true test of the picture. Whether you still like the look long after you have left the store.

Sleep On It

Usually, by the next day, I will go about checking out my favorite outfits websites to see if the items I truly loved are there. I have taken enough time away from everything to only remember what I really loved, and therefore more willing to lay down my hard earned money for. This works the best with newer releases into the store, but sometimes you catch a break on the sales/clearance rack being on the site as well. The reason I always go to the site is that the warehouse is more likely to have a larger inventory of the larger sizes I need. I will always buy online rather than in store if I can help it. This is where you truly save the money.

Once you have found what you wanted on the site(s). It’s time to implore strategy. I have many apps and sites that I use, but only a couple are used absolutely ALL.THE.TIME.

Time To Research

Now before you get all crazy and go paying full price, do a little research. One of my favorite sites to look for discount codes (coupons) is RETAILMENOT (and in Canada RETAILMENOT), they have a great community that works together to keep the site up to date with coupon codes for hundreds of online stores.

Another place to look is called HONEY, HONEY is actually an add-on app to your browser’s toolbar, it will essentially click into play when it sees you go into the checkout line on a site. What it does is quite simple and quite exquisite (although you cannot use HONEY and EBATES at the same time) it essentially runs through the discount codes in its database on its own to make sure you are paying the lowest possible price for your items. You literally have to do nothing. Just click the button and it does it’s thing! BONUS: You also can earn cashback on it. Every 100 HONEYGOLD is worth $1 and you are able to use the credit once you have 1000 HONEYGOLDs available.  These three sites are gold. They have honestly saved me so much money.

Discount Codes & Rebates

What I like to do is create an account on the store’s site first, so that I can create a cart list that will stick. This also helps when they have wish lists or the availability of favoriting items. Then I go see if EBATES.CA  (EBATES if American) has them on their site. EBATES is a site that gives you a certain percentage of your purchase back for using their affiliate link. It accumulates in an account, and then you get that money back once it reaches its threshold. EBATES is affiliated with over 1000 retailers, so you will probably find it no problem. Shoot, they’re even affiliated with Etsy, which shocked the craze out of me!

Once you are signed up ( If you aren’t already ) then all you have to do is click on the store link within EBATES and go shopping. It is essentially tracking you while you are on that site, so that when you check out with your purchase it can put a tracker on your EBATES account, and the store will contact them with your actual total (usually within 7 days) so they can add that percentage to you pending payments as a cash back. This comes in really handy when you go shopping a lot.

Last Resort For a Discount

Now, what happens if there isn’t a discount code available? No sale going on! Should you just pay full price? I DON’T THINK SO. See sites hate seeing an abandoned cart. This is why we create an account on the site. ONE: You usually get a sign up bonus for doing so, and TWO: If you abandon your cart just before checkout, nine times out of ten, they will send you an email reminding you of your cart, and a discount code of some sort to use, so that you will spend your money and buy the items.


So there you have it. More ways of saving money on the fashion we know and love. I hope you utilize these tips the next time you decide to go shopping and leave a comment letting me know how they worked for you.

What to wear on Thanksgiving – 3 Outfits 3 Different Occasion

This is it! Halloween is sadly over, and it’s time to get on with the LONG holiday season.  Starting with the American Thanksgiving. Now in case you are wondering. I am actually Canadian. So our Thanksgiving was last month, but I know a lot of you are from the United States. There are so many opportunities to dress up or down around the holiday’s depending on the event and what will be going on, so I wanted to show you what to wear on Thanksgiving. Three totally different Thanksgiving Day event with 3 totally different outfits to choose from.

You have everything from super small get-togethers of close family, all the way to large family get-togethers. I want to show you options for each that are comfortable, gorgeous and are majority natural materials. No one truly feels comfy cozy in polyester..let’s be honest!

What to wear on Thanksgiving

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Casual Small intimate Thanksgiving

This is a dinner (or lunch) that you would share with your significant other or a very small amount of family members. Something that is casual enough to not care too much about what you are wearing, but you still want to set a good impression.

There’s nothing better than comfy sweaters and leggings, so amping up your leggings with the appearance of a shiny vinyl top coat just makes it look like a little more effort was put in the actually necessary. BONUS: These tights are also faux fleece lined for extra warmth and comfort. They pair so well with an extra long cable knit sweater. I chose this almond cable knit sweater purely based on its simplicity. It’s fairly low key and basic, but you can easily dress it up as well. The cable knit is a lower profile than what you are probably used to from grandma’s sweaters, and that’s a good thing. This will help EVERY body type. There is nothing more unflattering than thick large cable knitting in my honest opinion! Low profile is always the way to go!

The nice thing about a low key holiday gathering is not worrying so much about what you wear. However, you do have to get to the event, so this belted trench coat in a deep mossy/forest green will look fantastic over your sweater. It’s slightly shorter than the sweater, so when you belt it up, you can show off a layered appearance that looks A-MAZING! Not to mention the ¾ length sleeves will also easily show off your cable knit sweaters honeycomb pattern on the sleeves. After all, a layered look is what fall fashion is all about! Now no matter what, every outfit needs accessories, but with this outfit, you don’t have to go all out at all. I simply paired it up with a cute set of fluffy booties from Olivia Miller and a pair of dark gold hexagon hoop earrings.  



I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been to a “Friendsgiving”, but I honestly LOVE the idea of it! Being with people you truly enjoy spending time with, eating good food, drinking and having a great time. This all sounds fantastic to me. However, with this also comes a certain sense of fashion etiquette in my opinion. I think friends will always push each other to look their best, and unless you are having a PJ party there is no reason why you shouldn’t look your utmost comfy best!

There’s nothing better than a simple dress dolled all up. This is such a simple and cute black dress with little to no detailing. It has a great comfortable length, and of course, the key ingredient is long sleeves. That is so important with this crazy weather we seem to be having. Then just amp it up with some super sleek vegan black suede thigh high boots, this will help cover up a little more and give some attention to your legs. So if your legs are one of your best features, this is such a classic way to show them off! Now just add your accessories, like a really cute ombre scarf in red and black ( my personal favorite color combo), those super cute Rachel Jackson Hexagon earrings, and a complimentary rose gold watch. The two golds together just pair so deliciously well!

This outfit is again, super simple and easy to pull together for even a last-minute Friendsgiving. I love the gold accents of the jewelry placed over all of that black. It just makes everything POP!


Traditional Thanksgiving with Family


This outfit is honestly my absolute FAVOURITE. It’s simple but so incredibly stylish. I have always loved pairing different fabrics and patterns together, so this outfit really stands out. My inspiration for this piece was when I saw this gorgeous wrap blouse from Miss Selfridge. It completely inspired me! It’s simple detailed lines make for a great eye-catching ensemble. I thought of making the rest of the outfit plain to really show it off. But I am one of those women, that when I go out, I go ALL out! So I paired it up with a gorgeous pair of rose-embroidered black jeans from Water Every Sunday.

These are still super simple skinny jeans, but the classic black just adds an extra OOMPH of eye-catching deliciousness. Pair this with some accessories like these faux leather and lace ankle booties, and this brown houndstooth top handle Satchel bag and BAM…this is one gorgeous look at me/talk about how fabulous I look outfit! BUT, you can’t forget your simple accessories! So give them some KISS (keep it simple stupid…you’re not stupid’s just the phrase! You know I love you) and break out a simple statement bangle like this No Holds Barred Gold Bangle and White faux suede wrap choker. The gold will pop off of the dark pallet of your outfit and the white wrap choker will draw the eye up the body, making you look taller and sophisticatedly trendy.


I love fashion, and it changes at the drop of a hat, so a lot of these pieces are great to have as basics that can stand the test of time! You can add to them and occasionally change them out. If you want another classic to keep in your beauty routine check out my review on Live Clean Shampoo. This is a great vegan/cruelty-free shampoo that works phenomenally. I hope this helped you come up with some ideas of what to wear on Thanksgiving, no matter which type of gathering you end up going to. 


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter who you spend it with.

2 Quick & Simple DIY Halloween Costumes

You’re probably just like me. You haven’t had the time, money or energy to go out and get a Halloween costume yet, have you? That’s why you’re here after all, right? I mean between work, events, family, and friends? We just don’t find the time? That’s why I want to show you my absolute favorites. Here are 2 quick & simple DIY Halloween Costumes. that you should be able to rummage through and find at home.

I have HUGE issues with scheduling my time, and remembering whats coming up and what I’m even doing half the time. If I’m not writing or filming, I get a little lost in time. It could potentially have something to do with those Winchester boys and watching Netflix. It’s only been recently that I have started scheduling my time better and therefore allowing for the thought of decorating and dressing up for Halloween. Which by the way! We actually have some Halloween decor up this year! I’m so excited about that. So since money and time are tight in regards to a costume. I raided all of our closets to see what I could put together, and I thought I would show you, so you could get a couple really easy ideas as well.

One of the best things about having my husband is that he has shown his geek card for longer than I have known him. This allows for me to get a little more creative so to speak. Sometimes. So my first tip is definitely, raid your husband/partners closet (that’s what I did), borrow from friends if possible as well. Anything that will make it easier to put together a costume, without the stress. Just get creative with what you can beg, and borrow.

A classic robber costume is so quick and easy to put together. All I did was pull out a striped shirt that I had. Then some black pants, black hat (enough to cover your hair), and black gloves. Super simple and quick. BONUS: If you have a cotton bag that you can carry as the “money sack” even better. One thing I will say is this can be a very warm costume. If it tends to be colder where you live. This might be a great alternative to having to deal with a jacket potentially.

This was my absolute FAVOURITE. Out of everything I came up with, and all the fails that didn’t really work. Clark Kent transforming into Superman on his/her way to save someone in distress is so crazy easy. Especially if you have a hubby. Most tend to have a Superman graphics tee and most also have a white dress shirt and blue tie. This makes things pretty easy. All I had to pair mine with were jeans. But if you have them go for black dress pants. That will look best!

The best part about this costume though! is it only truly works with glasses. After all, that was Clark Kents “disguise” from being noticed right! So if you don’t have glasses, I would see about using a pair from a friend family member or spouse/partner. There are so few costumes that you NEED a pair of glasses for. So this is a welcome idea in my opinion.

How simple are these costumes? Right! Very little effort needed for either, and they are great in the last minute pinch you might get into. I hope you have a great Halloween.

I Let My Husband Dress Me – What I Learned

Like two week ago my husband came across a cute and sweet article about a wife that gave her husband free reign to dress her for one whole week. I have no idea how it came about, but it was so super sweet. She gave no suggestions, recommendations or denied ANYTHING. Literal FREE REIGN! The choices he chose and why were so thoughtful and cute. She admitted that a lot of them she never would have picked out herself, and was surprised when some pretty bright choices were complemented by clients and peers. So ….I wanted to see what my husband would do. So I let my husband dress me this week.

I have known my husband for nearly seven years. Almost five of those years have been our marriage. He has a great sense of style for himself, and sometimes, I ask what he thinks of a new piece I am looking to buy. But other than that, I generally keep my personal taste 100% of my choice. So this was a nerve-racking week.

I let my husband dress me

I let my husband dress me: This is What Happened


I let my husband dress me

It was a pretty nice and obviously sunny day, with only a light cool breeze. We’ve been having trouble with our internet lately. So we went to our local coffee shop to use their internet and work. So hubby set me up in an old bright pink and white starred tank top with little white ruffles. I can’t even remember when I got this. Sometime in the last five years though. He then hooked it up with my favorite plaid button up and a pair of skinny jeans. He was seriously bummed though. If I remember correctly, he was going for a watermelon theme!? Although I nor he could tell you why! These little quirks are why I love him so. He can be a touch bit off, but it’s cute! He also paired it with my favorite new runners in black and gold (because I don’t have many options when it comes to shoes, to be honest!) This outfit was laid back and casual, which is pretty much my daily esthetic. He made me feel super comfy and beautiful. Honestly, I didn’t think that these pieces would go together but he really made the entire outfit feel youthful. Something I think I have been lacking lately.


I let my husband dress me

Today honestly felt like I was dressed up like a doll! We hardly ever get dressed up, so I have a few items that I haven’t worn in very many months and in the case of this gorgeous top. Probably over a year. I purchased this top second hand in amazing condition. The quality, and fit are phenomenal. This is just ONE of the reasons I thrift shop more than I buy brand new clothes. The pants are some comfy black stretch dress pants. These go so well with nearly everything. That’s why they stay in my closet. Absolute versatility!


I let my husband dress me

OHHH WOW!! Today is WARM. A slight understatement. We were heading into the city, so he decided to break out my shorts and a tank top for the first time! This was the first time this week that he made me go outside of my comfort zone! I am not comfortable as a plus size woman with having bare legs, and he knows that. To him, they are beautiful. Which makes me FEEL beautiful! This is why I let my husband dress me. He kept it pretty simple today really. It was a wonderfully comfortable feeling, I haven’t felt in many years.


I let my husband dress me

I love my husband, but was sooo windy today, and he chooses a dress. I couldn’t even imagine. A dress with my hair down. More ways out of my comfort zone, that I wasn’t expecting. I felt beautiful with my hair down. Although, I was working so it didn’t stay down to long. I still loved wearing this dress. It’s a super comfortable maxi dress that shows off my curves. THIS is why he chose it! He also loves seeing me in green. He says it brings out my eyes!


I let my husband dress me

Today was such a cold day that it was literally ALL about comfort. He chose a long sleeve gray owl shirt with my favorite blue jeans and runners. Keeping me warm and casual. This was clearly very important! The simplicity was perfect for a day of just normal daily work!


I let my husband dress me

Today I admit I was super excited! I finally got to wear a pair of yoga pants I recently purchased. They are so super comfy. I will wear them out in no time probably, and have to find more! He then paired it with a top her bought me when we were newly engaged. A shirt that I rarely wear, as it’s not really my style. It definitely has a fun vibe to it though. That I will admit.


I let my husband dress me

This was absolutely for my husband 100%. He loves this dress, even though it does not fit as well as it should. It was bought last minute for a wedding we were going to. He really wanted to end the week with a bang. Especially in this dress.

I let my husband dress me – This is What I Learned

At the end of this entire experiment, I have honestly learned some things.

  • my husband still thinks I’m sexy (not just beautiful) after nearly 7 years of rarely being out of each others company.

  • I have a lot more clothing options than I though.

  • We seriously need to go through the clothes I don’t wear and get some to the donation bin so others can enjoy them.

  • I need to trust his decisions slightly more (mainly in regards to shorts and Sundays dress)

I recommend every wife, girlfriend, and fiance tries this. See what you significant other picks for you. It might surprise you! At the very least, you might remember a few pieces you forgot you had!