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8 Of My Favorite Elf Cosmetics Makeup Products in 2018

Elf Cosmetics is a go-to staple. A company that prides itself on being 100% cruelty-free and has an amazingly high quality, budget-friendly vegan makeup line, that I quite honestly have been using for years. Long before going vegan myself. I have so many go-to favorites. I want to share them all with you. So if you are new to veganism, or cruelty-free makeup. This can be a great budget-friendly starting point for you. So here are my absolute favorite ELF Cosmetics makeup products.


ELF Cosmetics Ride or Die Favorites

Their lipsticks are honestly great, I have purchased many on sale for under $1, and I do have a habit of going for nude shades and pinks, with the occasional red. My absolute favorite lipsticks of theirs though, are always matte or creme. I love the slight glisten of a creme, but I feel like matte lipsticks have more staying power which is what I tend to look for.



I was so excited when I learned of ELF Cosmetics eyeshadow pallets. I have always loved their eyeshadows, but there is something so much easier about a pallet. You have more choice in a sleeker packaging. My absolute favorite pallets to this day (I got them around Christmas time) are the Everyday Smokey pallet and the Sunset Prism Pallet. Everyday Smokey has a gorgeous collection of 10 neutral/smokey shades ranging from white to a charcoal black. While the Sunset Prism pallet has 6 shadows with gorgeous metallic prismatic shades. There is a reason this is the sunset prism pallet. These shades, for the most part, mimic the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The shadows in both pallets are quite velvety and luxurious feeling, and the color pay off is absolutely stunning. You get what you see in the pan and more.


Lastly, but not exactly something a girl that loves makeup would want to live without, the eyelash curler. I have yet to honestly try any other eyelash curler out simply for the fact that the one I have from ELF Cosmetics works so well. It’s easy to use, sleek and does the simple task it is meant to do!


I have 3 current favorites from ELF that are my absolute. Two are from the mineral lipstick line. Nicely Nude and Runway Pink have soft pigments shades of pink. The feel is buttery and soft. They do tend to come off quite easily while drinking or eating, but honestly. They are so natural looking, you can barely tell. That is just one of the reasons I love pink and nude/neutral shades. You don’t always have to focus on them. My third favorite is a new (to me) matte lip pencil in Praline. This came with a matching lip liner as well. They are both still creamy a luxurious feeling on the lips but instead of my typical creme format, this set is a matte finish. I absolutely LOVE the look of a matte finish. I love glitz and shine, but most days I like my makeup super subtle, and this definitely does the job! There is just something about a matte lip that makes it POP! Even if it is not the main focus.



I won’t lie, and I’m sure you can tell… but I went through a mineral makeup phase for a bit, so I also have some mineral blush in “joy” that I use quite regularly. It has a stunning slightly shimmering dusty rose color. I feel like the more I blend it the more beautiful it gets. It comes in a sifter pot which makes everything so much easier to deal with, and the texture and payoff are tremendous. My other favorite face product is the ALL OVER STICK in Pink Lemonade. Not only does it have an absolutely gorgeous color to it, but it smells so delicious! You can use it literally anywhere. I LOVE using it as a base on my eyes, as well as a highlight on my cheekbones. both will always look amazing.


ELF Cosmetics is just one of those brands that prove you don’t have to pay a lot of money for a product that feels and looks like a high-end product. They’re packaging is kept simple and chic (no doubt to keep the cost down for us…thank you for that ELF) but it is also easily portable. So if you are looking for some great won’t break the bank makeup that doesn’t waste your money, is vegan and cruelty-free, then you have found a winner. I’ve been wearing ELF Cosmetics for years, and I wouldn’t drop a heartbeat before recommending them.

If you want to save even more money on top of getting great prices, definitely check out my post on Saving Money While Shopping Online and I highly recommend EBATES as well!

8 of My Favorite ELF Cosmetics Makeup Products in 2018 - The Discount Vegan


Live, Work & THRIVE With Vitamin Deficiencies – Working around B12 and Iron Deficiencies

Anyone working hard on obtaining their dream can tell you it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and stamina to succeed. Which is why today I decided to open up and talk to you about something I have lived with for a long time. I have a B12 and iron deficiency. Before I was FINALLY diagnosed, there were so many days where I could barely find the energy to get out of bed. It seemed like a never-ending battle of wits with my own brain and body to function normally! I have learned not only to deal with it but also how to Live, Work & THRIVE With Vitamin Deficiencies

Some Facts About Vitamin B12 & Iron Deficiencies.

The symptoms tend to be very similar between the two of them, leaving diagnosis up to blood tests. B12 deficiency symptoms are things such as changes in personality/depression, irritability, abnormal sensations ( it’s quite common to have my limbs start to tingle and feel numb ), psychosis, changes in reflex, decreased taste, poor muscle function, reduced heart functions, and decreased fertility. Some symptoms of an iron deficiency are as follows: fatigue, dizziness, pallor ( abnormally pale skin ), hair loss, twitching, irritability, weakness, pica (Persistent craving and compulsive eating of nonfood substances ), brittle or grooved nails, and restless leg syndrome. As you can see, there are several symptoms of these deficiencies that can be pretty dangerous. For example, for me personally, I am and have always been very prone to dizziness and fainting, losing the feeling in my legs and arms can be very common at times as well. The Causes of these deficiencies can be so small. The main cause I have found is purely diet, medicinal, and heredity. thankfully 2 of those 3 can be fixed. Having an iron and B12 deficiency can be even more dangerous for a child than an adult. If it’s not caught in time it can lead to anemia. As far as I know, these blood tests are not common practices for kids, and these symptoms are so common for so many other illnesses.

What I Do

I think even after years of stubbornness, and not wanting to take vitamins every day. The simple and plain “I forgot, OH WELL” mentality, I am coping pretty well with my deficiencies. I take a multivitamin, a B12 supplement, and an iron supplement every day. What happens if I forget to take my vitamins for a day or two!? You can count on pretty much zero productivity from me. It’s difficult to concentrate. My depression kicks in pretty strong and I also tend to sleep a lot more than usual. When this happens It will usually take something bothering me a LOT to snap me out of it and remind me.


Live, Work & THRIVE With Vitamin Deficiencies
Sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest battles to fight. Are you fighting any battles!? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. If you have any tips or recommendations for helping with B12 and  Iron deficiencies as well. Let’s share our knowledge with each other.
If you are concerned about any of these symptoms. I highly recommend checking out these vegan/cruelty-free supplements.

Simple Steps To Cleaning Up After Being Sick

It’s the middle of March, and we just got hit with what is (hopefully) our last snowstorm. We have been receiving the most “interesting” weather forecasts. I have my sandals AND my snow boots on ready standby. I never know which one we are going to need!. This crazy weather also brings another potentially annoying fact about life. Getting sick! It’s annoying, inconvenient and not to mention slightly painful. Last week I came down with a cold, which was fine. I slowed down a bit, but I was still working and doing my normal daily routine. Then all of a sudden I got hit with the stomach flu, and it has pretty much wiped me out until about yesterday. My husband came down with it a few days after I did, which means that we had a 100% bad germ infestation in the house. So now that we are on the mend, everything should be good right!? NOPE. Now comes the fun part! Dealing with the aftermath. Here are a few Simple Steps To Cleaning Up After Being Sick, to stop the spread of germs from recirculating.


Simple Steps To Cleaning Up After Being Sick


Simple Steps To Cleaning Up After Being Sick

 Change That Toothbrush

You know that thing that goes in your mouth, with all the germs in it. Throw it out. That thing is not coming back from what you had, and it’s the first thing that can make you sick again! So chuck it and get a new one out! I always keep a bunch of THESE on hand! They’re my favorite. A bamboo toothbrush with soft nylon bristles that are 100% BPA FREE. They feel super soft on the gums and have been cleaning our teeth very well.


Simple Steps To Cleaning Up After Being Sick

Tidy Up

Clean up all the tissues, empty or partially drank from glasses, can or bottles, and anything else that got messed up while you were sick. The first sign that I’m feeling better is when I start gradually tidying up the mess I have made around my bed and bedside table. This simple little task can also end up making you feel a bit better too. Having a clean space after being sick is so important for your mental health.

Simple Steps To Cleaning Up After Being Sick




Literally. Wash your bedding, PJs, housecoat, towels, etc. Anything you used while you were sick. Get it in the wash, and get that ish clean. Kill those germs so you can rest easy while you’re catching up on what you missed while you were sick. Like work. The longer you leave this task, the less likely it will be that you will remember to do it, and more of a chance that you or someone else in your house could catch the bug.
Simple Steps To Cleaning Up After Being Sick


Now I’m not talking about scrubbing the entire house down like a spring cleaning. I am only talking about things like door handles, faucets, fridge door etc. Those items in the house EVERYONE touches. We want to get those disinfected as soon as possible. The best and most natural way to do that is with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. This allows for a fresh start!…Plus when spring cleaning DOES come around…you’ve done it already!…cause you’re proactive like that! 
Simple Steps To Cleaning Up After Being Sick
This cleanup should take you all of an hour or so, depending on when you start it! Less of course if you have less space. Let’s be honest, though, it will take the longest for the laundry to get done. Not once, after doing these three things has a bug crept back into my existence. That’s gotta say something, right!? Here’s to hoping you stay healthy! But if you are currently sick, or are recovering from being sick. Don’t forget to do these Simple Steps To Cleaning Up After Being Sick. So that you can go ahead and successfully plan out even less fun stuff….like catching up on work..or school.

Live Clean Shampoo Review | Vegan/Cruelty Free Hair Care

I have NEVER loved a shampoo in my life. Until now. As I’ve gotten older, I have gradually changed the way I do a lot of things. One of those things is watching what I use on my body. Heavy chemicals can also seep into your system via the skin. They have been known to lead to anything from rashes and irritated skin, all the way up to a few such as Parabens and certain fragrances being a leading contributor to cancer.That’s why when someone recommended Live Clean Shampoo’s I was super excited to try them out. Not only are they a lot better for our bodies, they’re also budget-friendly! Ranging from $4-$7CAD.

Check out these amazing facts on Live Clean Shampoo

  • Natural and plant-based
  • Free of harsh and unnecessary chemicals
  • SLS/Sulfate Free/DEA Free
  • Paraben/Phthalate/Phosphate Free
  • Pure Vegan and Vegetarian / Cruelty-Free
  • Enriched with Certified Organic Botanical Extracts
  • Biodegradable Ingredients / Recyclable Package / Local Sourcing

Live Clean Shampoo

So far I have only tried two of their shampoo’s but I was IN LOVE after barely starting the first bottle. I have a mild to medium case of psoriasis in my scalp since I was a teenager, and I used to use specialty dandruff shampoos thinking that, that was my only option! But within about a week of using Live Clean Shampoo in my hair (FYI I do shampoo daily) My hair wasn’t dry and unmanageable, which is normally something I have issues with as my hair is combo confusing. Oily scalp and dry ends. It felt healthy and strong after a few washes with Live Clean, and I definitely noticed breakage became less obvious.

Live Clean Shampoo

Looking for more Info on Live Clean?

Live Clean Shampoo

Check out Live Clean for more information on their products & where to find them. You can also go HERE or HERE to purchase the Live Clean Shampoo that I have tried and loved as well!

Pamper Yourself Routine For the Morning After

Happy belated Valentine’s Day dolls, I hope you had as wonderful of a Valentine’s Day as I did. Yesterday was quite an exhausting day! A sushi lunch date and then my husband and I spent the rest of the day in the theater watching 2 movies. it was so fun, but as you know fun always comes with a price. so today, let’s talk about how to take care of yourself after Valentine’s Day is over.

(Before we begin, I need to let you know that I do have affiliate links in this post. However, I adore these products and have used them for quite some time!)

Now if you’re like me you probably got up early in the morning yesterday (if you had a day date)  just so that you could prepare and get ready for your Valentine. We’re talking hair, makeup, probably trying on at least a dozen outfits and shoes….if you’re anything like me. Then, of course, giving up and going casual (It always seems to happen that way). but that’s not what today’s post is all about. Today’s post is about pampering yourself after Valentine’s Day is over, and you’re exhausted and need to recover.

Valentine’s Day is Over – My Morning After Routine

The first thing I like to do when I get in from my Valentine’s Day date is getting ready for bed. So I showered, and did my nightly routine as per usual, and went to bed. We got home last night at about midnight and I was already exhausted.

Now because I took yesterday off I didn’t really have a whole lot of availability for taking yet another day off, so this morning I decided to take a few hours to myself and enjoy a wonderful relaxing bath. I threw in some Epsom salts to help with my sore and aching muscles from walking and sitting all day yesterday. Light some candles if that’s your thing. I threw on some beautiful ambient noise that I absolutely love (rain on a barn roof). Then all you have to do is get in and relax.

Valentine's Day is Over

My Morning After Skin Care Routine

I don’t know about you but I was so tired last night after my shower I didn’t really wash my face and my makeup off properly so this morning I took that extra step and used an exfoliant ( Clarisea’s Deep pore detox exfoliating mask is my absolute favorite). Then when I was done my regular skin care morning routine, I went an extra step and used a peel mask to help with some of the extra dry skin that I have been experiencing lately. Although this was a  pampering morning, I wanted to keep with my regular skincare routine and my regular morning routine.  

so while my mask was drying I took my Keurig poured some hot water with a squeeze of lemon. I love warm or hot water as opposed to cold to start my day in the winter. It’s nice and cozy and …well. Warming. I find my hot lemon water to be so much better than having cold water.  My mask only takes about 10 to 15 minutes, so it wasn’t long before I was able to peel it off and continue on with my serums and moisturizers for the day.

Valentine's Day is Over

After Skin Care, Maintenance Comes Soul/Heart Maintenance

Once I was all done. I decided to take just an hour to myself before starting work, and just relax with my cat and dog while my husband slept. So we did the usual of cuddles, potty break and feed time.

Valentine's Day is Over


I know this probably sounds cliche, but there’s something to be said about loving yourself. Taking the time to renew your energy and spirit after spending a day like Valentine’s Day is crucial. We put so much effort into making Valentines Day great for our significant others, and then forget to put some effort back into ourselves! So I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day yesterday. I hope you take some time to yourself today to love and pamper yourself.