Elf Cosmetics is a go-to staple. A company that prides itself on being 100% cruelty-free and has an amazingly high quality, budget-friendly vegan makeup line, that I quite honestly have been using for years. Long before going vegan myself. I have so many go-to favorites. I want to share them all with you. So if you are new to veganism, or cruelty-free makeup. This can be a great budget-friendly starting point for you. So here are my absolute favorite ELF Cosmetics makeup products.


ELF Cosmetics Ride or Die Favorites

Their lipsticks are honestly great, I have purchased many on sale for under $1, and I do have a habit of going for nude shades and pinks, with the occasional red. My absolute favorite lipsticks of theirs though, are always matte or creme. I love the slight glisten of a creme, but I feel like matte lipsticks have more staying power which is what I tend to look for.



I was so excited when I learned of ELF Cosmetics eyeshadow pallets. I have always loved their eyeshadows, but there is something so much easier about a pallet. You have more choice in a sleeker packaging. My absolute favorite pallets to this day (I got them around Christmas time) are the Everyday Smokey pallet and the Sunset Prism Pallet. Everyday Smokey has a gorgeous collection of 10 neutral/smokey shades ranging from white to a charcoal black. While the Sunset Prism pallet has 6 shadows with gorgeous metallic prismatic shades. There is a reason this is the sunset prism pallet. These shades, for the most part, mimic the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The shadows in both pallets are quite velvety and luxurious feeling, and the color pay off is absolutely stunning. You get what you see in the pan and more.


Lastly, but not exactly something a girl that loves makeup would want to live without, the eyelash curler. I have yet to honestly try any other eyelash curler out simply for the fact that the one I have from ELF Cosmetics works so well. It’s easy to use, sleek and does the simple task it is meant to do!


I have 3 current favorites from ELF that are my absolute. Two are from the mineral lipstick line. Nicely Nude and Runway Pink have soft pigments shades of pink. The feel is buttery and soft. They do tend to come off quite easily while drinking or eating, but honestly. They are so natural looking, you can barely tell. That is just one of the reasons I love pink and nude/neutral shades. You don’t always have to focus on them. My third favorite is a new (to me) matte lip pencil in Praline. This came with a matching lip liner as well. They are both still creamy a luxurious feeling on the lips but instead of my typical creme format, this set is a matte finish. I absolutely LOVE the look of a matte finish. I love glitz and shine, but most days I like my makeup super subtle, and this definitely does the job! There is just something about a matte lip that makes it POP! Even if it is not the main focus.



I won’t lie, and I’m sure you can tell… but I went through a mineral makeup phase for a bit, so I also have some mineral blush in “joy” that I use quite regularly. It has a stunning slightly shimmering dusty rose color. I feel like the more I blend it the more beautiful it gets. It comes in a sifter pot which makes everything so much easier to deal with, and the texture and payoff are tremendous. My other favorite face product is the ALL OVER STICK in Pink Lemonade. Not only does it have an absolutely gorgeous color to it, but it smells so delicious! You can use it literally anywhere. I LOVE using it as a base on my eyes, as well as a highlight on my cheekbones. both will always look amazing.


ELF Cosmetics is just one of those brands that prove you don’t have to pay a lot of money for a product that feels and looks like a high-end product. They’re packaging is kept simple and chic (no doubt to keep the cost down for us…thank you for that ELF) but it is also easily portable. So if you are looking for some great won’t break the bank makeup that doesn’t waste your money, is vegan and cruelty-free, then you have found a winner. I’ve been wearing ELF Cosmetics for years, and I wouldn’t drop a heartbeat before recommending them.

If you want to save even more money on top of getting great prices, definitely check out my post on Saving Money While Shopping Online and I highly recommend EBATES as well!

8 of My Favorite ELF Cosmetics Makeup Products in 2018 - The Discount Vegan


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